They are resistant to the action of rain and sun, preventing the appearance of mold

peeling of the wall and color fading.
The choice of colors is usually according to the personal taste of the residents of the
house, but if they are in doubt, it is worth doing some research. Walk the streets of
your neighborhood and see which house colors you like best, what is being used the
most and the shade combinations. Also try to mix the color of the walls with the
finishing of the windows, doors and gates. It is common to find in outdoor
environments applications in stones, wood and bricks that will not be painted, so
make sure that the chosen color will not conflict with these materials.
Exterior painting company newton
Pay a visit to a paint shop and pick up some paint color swatch cards. These cards
also usually have ready-made combinations, which can help a lot when choosing the
new color for your home. Before starting the painting, it is important to check the
condition of the walls, after all, this is what will guarantee the durability of the
paint. Some repairs may need to be done, such as repairing cracks or areas where
the plaster is loose. If necessary, apply spackle to correct small imperfections and,
before applying the paint, use a sealer.

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