Limiting the starting current

There are two methods to reduce tension in the match. One is to supply current to the normal voltage, causing the motor to be temporarily connected to the grid, with the winding for a higher voltage, using the star-delta starting system and supply current under voltage below normal by resistors , inductors or autotransformer.

All starting systems with reduced voltage present 112wl-1-100 coxreels the disadvantage that the starting torque or torque is reduced in the ratio of the square of the voltage reduction supplied to the motor.

One of the main functions of controlling an electric motor is ‘limiting the starting current’. The connection of the motors to a public power grid must comply with the regulations established for this purpose. Generally, you want to start a motor at full voltage in order to make the most of the starting torque. When starting the full voltage of a motor causes a voltage drop higher than the maximum allowed, then use a starting device with reduced voltage, being careful to verify that the torque is sufficient to drive the load.

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