In addition, they have several extra costs for the restaurant, in addition to additional work.

Check out: Cloth napkins have an extremely high unit cost .
Cloth napkins need to be washed, which means that, in addition to having to spend on
laundry, you will need to have a very high number of pieces.
Reusable items also spoil over time. In addition to representing maintenance costs, you run
the risk of presenting parts with tears, fraying or stains that were not noticed for your
Ordinary paper napkins are often not of good quality. The tip is to keep an eye on the
opacity of the item: the more transparent, less absorbent it will be , and more
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Likewise, there are certain types of fabric that do not absorb well, causing
discomfort for customers.
The napkins relief , in turn, are extremely efficient . Your customer will only need to use
one item per meal, avoiding waste and inconvenience. In addition, they are decorative
pieces and pleasant to the touch. Have you ever thought how reusable napkins can be a
problem for hygiene? As much as you dedicate and spend on cleaning these items, the
fabric allows the spread of bacteria

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